The Best Albums Of 2013


This week Steven and Ian reach back to a momentous year in music and both of their lives: 2013. One man discovered the joys of Phish and jam bands that year. And the other man fell hard for the burgeoning emo revival. Somehow, they both managed to also listen to music that wasn’t Phish or emo. And we discuss a lot of that music in this episode.

Before we get to that, the guys talk about the upcoming tour pairing emo legends The Hotelier with Foxing, which is a big deal in Ian’s world. But will audiences turn out? They also answer a listener question about The Idol in comparison to another poorly reviewed HBO show about the music business, Vinyl. Steven has seen both shows and he has some thoughts. (Also, the conversation also drifts back to Tulsa King, as it often does on this show.)

Finally, Steven and Ian get to 2013. Our categories include “Most 2023 Album Released In 2013 and “Most 2013 Album Released In 2013” along with more straightforward fare like “Most Underrated.” They also try to figure out if there’s a difference between the “best” and “favorite” albums for the year.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian goes to bat for hardcore favorites Militarie Gun while Steven praises U.K. singer-songwriter Hamish Hawk.

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