Louis Tomlinson’s Concert Postponed With Dozens


Nearly 100 people were injured by “golf-ball sized” hail before a Louis Tomlinson concert scheduled for Wednesday night at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside Denver, the West Metro Fire Department told CNN.

At least seven people were transported to area hospitals with “non-life-threatening” injuries, the fire department tweeted, with as many as 90 people treated at the venue for abrasions and broken bones.

“I managed to hide where they were selling drinks and I used my backpack to protect myself and another girl,” one fan told CNN, saying she experienced minor injuries. The National Weather Service office in nearby Boulder issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the areas at around 9 p.m., noting the venue would be affected.

The show was postponed twice during the storm, with the venue telling fans to shelter in their cars, before giving an all-clear and then, finally, postponing the show entirely.

Tomlinson tweeted, “Devastated about the show tonight, hope everyone’s ok, I’ll be back! Even though we didn’t play the show I felt all of your passion! Sending you all love!”

While Red Rocks is one of the most naturally beautiful and iconic venues in North America — everyone from the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix to Phish and Hootie and the Blowfish have performed there over the decades — its location in Morrison, Colo., nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills, means that its events are often marred by weather.

Last November, country singer Zach Bryan performed at the venue despite snowfall and temperatures that had plummeted from the 70s to the 20s in just 24 hours. The National Park Service had encouraged him to postpone the show, but instead he struck a compromise by starting earlier, shortening his set, cutting the opening acts (whom he brought out to perform with him) and providing hot chocolate and hand warmers for the audience. He released a live album from the show, “All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster,” where he is heard commenting on the cold several times.

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