After iOS and Android, Windows 11 users won’t need


After iOS and Android, Windows 11 users won’t need passwords

Windows 11 is expanding the support for the passkeys, which aims to replace passwords with a safer and more convenient way of logging in.

With the latest Insider Preview Build (23486), Windows Hello can now be used to generate and sign in to supported applications and websites using passkeys. To verify your identity, you will be prompted to enter a PIN, scan your fingerprint, or use facial recognition.

“We are improving the passkey experience for Windows users. They can now go to any app or website that supports passkeys to create and sign in using passkeys with the Windows Hello native experience,” reads the blog post, announcing the Windows 11 Insider Preview.

To set up a passkey, Microsoft suggests visiting a website that has passkey support, creating a passkey in its settings, and then logging out to enable the option to sign in with the new method.

On Edge or Chrome, you can find the option to sign in with a passkey under “Windows Hello or external security key.” Manage your saved passkeys by navigating to Accounts and then Passkeys in Windows’ settings.

“Passkeys represent a future where bad actors will have a much harder time stealing and using your credentials when signing into a web site or application. Passkeys are phish-resistant, recoverable, and faster for users,” said Microsoft.

To manage your passkeys on your Windows device, simply go to Settings > Accounts > Passkeys. There, you will find a new passkey management dialog that allows you to view and delete any saved passkeys that you no longer need.

We expect the Windows 11 passkey support to be made available in the coming stable update.

Recently, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have introduced passkeys as an alternative way to sign in to their services without using passwords or 2-Step Verification. Passkeys are a part of Web Authentication (WebAuthn) credentials, also known as FIDO credentials.


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