Abu Dhabi Police warn of fraudulent website links


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Abu Dhabi Police on Wednesday warned the public to beware of fraudulent calls and links to fraudulent websites resembling those of government entities.

Abu Dhabi Police warned of fraudulent calls and links to fraudulent websites via short text messages that phish the public and provide fake services and temptations with benefits relevant to government agencies via their websites or e-mail.

ADP also warned against the renewed methods of scammers and fraudsters to lure victims after obtaining information related to their bank accounts and reusing that data again, to withdraw funds from their bank accounts.

The Abu Dhabi Police advised the public not to share their confidential information with anyone, including bank account or bank card information, online banking passwords, ATM PINs, Card Verification Value (CVV) number or passwords, noting that bank employees and banks would never ask for such information.

It called on the public, in the event of fraud, to go to the nearest police station and quickly report any calls received by unknown persons asking them to update their banking data, and to contact the Aman security service number 8002626 or by sending a text message to 2828 to enhance its security efforts in the face of these fraudulent methods and to protect society.


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