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By Mary Webber

A multistorey car park in Lower Manhattan, New York collapsed and caused the death of one person, with multiple workers injured.

PEOPLE reported that the incident happened at a five-storey parking lot near Ann Street and Nassau Street in the Financial District on Tuesday.

FDNY Chief of Operations John Esposito noted in a press conference that there were six patients and six workers in the building during the collapse. Meanwhile, law enforcement officials, including the New York Police Department and the city’s mayor, responded to the scene.

The fire chief of operations added that four workers were hospitalized while one refused medical attention. On the other hand, the person who died during the multistorey car park collapse has not been released publicly.

An NYPD robotic dog analyzed the building and determined that all workers in the building at the time of the collapse were accounted for.

The collapse happened after the second floor of the building toppled over the first floor.

Erasmo Guerra noted that it was 4 p.m. when he saw the top floor of the garage beginning to cave in, with cars falling into the pit.

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New York Multistorey Car Park Collapse

Esposito noted that the operation was “extremely dangerous” for the firefighters and determined the structure to be “very unstable.”

The fire department chief said that they had firefighters inside the building continuing the search while the building was continuing to collapse, according to BBC News.

New York Mayor Eric Adams was grateful for the new technology of the robotic dog that can go inside the building and account for all the victims.

Aside from accounting for all of the victims, the robotic dog was also able to send video from inside the budling after drones were flown in to assess and search the area.

Officials said that the cause collapse was not yet known, with Department of Buildings personnel checking neighboring buildings for any damages. The Police Commissioner, Keechant Sewell, determined the event as a “structural collapse.”

Multistorey Car Park Building Issues

Daily Mail noted that the building is owned by Abacus Bank. It is the only financial institution charged with mortgage fraud during the 2008 crash.

A resident living near the collapsed building, Shannon Wu, said that it was not “surprising” as it is a very old building.

In addition, the building has been cited several times since 2008 for violations of cracks in the concrete.

The nearby Pace University canceled all classes and evacuated the nearby campus.

The New York Sheriff’s Department uses the building for parking. All of their staff have been accounted for.

Councilmember Christopher Marte asked questions regarding the stability of other buildings nearby the garage, as cited by ABC 7 New York.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority noted that subways near Fulton Street are running at slower speeds while some streets were reported to be closed in Manhattan including Gold Street between John Street and Beekman Street; and William Street between John Street and Beekman Street.

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