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She says that her break has been good for her, and has helped give her perspective on why she loved music in the first place. Now back to shooting nights, Ginn is now picking up gigs with her lens again and hoping to fill her calendar with even more. The book, as a celebration of the great moments, forms part of that journey for her.

“It’s like redemption I feel,” she says. “I feel like I’ve come back to my original purpose, which was to make a body of work in music. But it’s also been a huge personal journey for me, so making the book in the end has been a bit of a triumphant experience.

“If you always remember it’s a playground and it’s actually really fun,” she continues. “Then even when there’s a lot of bad stuff, you’re never going to fall out of love with music.”

Super Sharp Shooter is published by Velocity Press. Get it here

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